Benefits of cogeneration


The very efficient utilization of gas, often exceeding 90%, reduces global CO2 output and rewards the user with financial and environmental benefits.

Cogeneration provides power independence with systems that can operate in times of grid failure, providing heat and power when others are left in the dark and cold. This is especially valuable in areas that are remote or vulnerable to extreme weather or an unreliable grid supply. If you're in an area not serviced by the grid, with the use of CNG, LNG or LPG you can still have all the benefits.

Cogeneration increases the value of a home or business, making it more attractive to buyers or investors, it makes you money.

Kilowatt power cost from the grid is increasing, but often the biggest costs are the transport and delivery charges (T & D's) from the utilities. Cogeneration reduces these, so allows you to invest these savings into your own home or business, not the utilities network!

Distributed generation with cogeneration has been adopted worldwide as the most effective solution to our immediate needs. Why keep building new power stations when we can provide it locally? Deliver what we need, where we need it, at efficiencies more than twice that of centralised power stations.

We can, with distributed CHP generation by bringing "power to the people".


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