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Tedom from Europe are pioneers in the manufacture of cogeneration equipment and have over the last 26 years grown to be one of the worlds largest suppliers.

Through innovation and constant development the Tedom cogeneration range has been crafted into a product of exceptional quality and reliability. With over 7000 units installed in over 40 countries, their experience and knowledge is unsurpassed.

Tedom has a range of products so well proven that it ranks as one of the best global cogeneration suppliers.



CO2 cleaning technology from the leading European manufacturer Steuler, enables the use of waste exhaust gas from a CHP unit to be utilised in greenhouses as an agricultural fertiliser for plants. This process can increase yields by up to a third and drastically reducing CO2 emissions.


Electric turbo compounding (ETC) uses the waste exhaust gas from CHP or diesel generators to produce completely renewable electricity while reducing fuel consumption.

A unique technology originating from the aerospace and motor racing sectors is an exciting innovation that brings increased value from cogeneration and power generation.

Typically 4-7% less fuel consumption for both diesel and gas generators. Fewer carbon emissions Capability to increase power output and capacity, with improved fuel efficiency The cost of generating power through waste heat recovery is substantially less than burning more fuel.



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