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Co-genergy Corp. offers cogeneration and trigeneration projects as turnkey solution providers throughout Canada.

Bringing new solutions to power, heat and cool virtually any building or process, we provide the latest technology and best engineering to ensure clients projects attain successful completion.

Our Mission

To achieve these goals, we only partner with the best equipment suppliers, engineers, professional trades and maintenance providers.

Reduce Energy Waste

Challenge the Conventional

Design Intelligently

Implement Efficiently

Responsible & Accountable

Save Our Clients Money

The Modern Solution

Why keep building new power stations when we can provide it locally? Deliver what we need, where we need it, at efficiencies more than twice that of centralised power stations. We can, with distributed CHP generation by bringing “power to the people”.


The very efficient utilization of gas, often exceeding 90%, reduces global CO2 output and rewards users with financial and environmental benefits.



Our main partners in developing and distributing co-generation technology are at the leading edge in the field, each with decades of experience.


Tedom, from the Czech Republic, are pioneers in the manufacture of cogeneration equipment and have over the last 26 years grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers.


CO2 cleaning technology from the leading European manufacturer Steuler, enables the use of waste exhaust gas from a CHP unit to be utilised in greenhouses as an agricultural fertiliser for plants. This process can increase yields by up to a third and drastically reducing CO2 emissions.


Broad USA is headquartered in New Jersey and delivers its innovative and environmentally-friendly absorption design technology to its clients to optimize energy efficiency in the Commercial, Civil and Industrial markets.


we are proud to represent YANMAR CHP in Canada. Based on YANMAR’s 30-plus year history of design and manufacturing experience in Energy Systems equipment and over 300,000 installations worldwide, we have the utmost confidence in YANMAR’s CHP equipment, technical training and support to recommend it to our customers.


Efficient energy solutions across a wide variety of industries and applications.



Use one fuel to provide your heat and power and save on administration, distribution charged by alternative energy sources.



A CHP unit operating 24/7 in a single commercial building can provide much of the daily heat and hot water needed.



Consistent demand for heat and power make hospitals, clinics and senior housing excellent applications.


Food & Beverage

When a high demand for heating and cooling arises in a process, such as in the food industry, the overall efficiency level can be raised with this technology.


Oil & Gas

Cogeneration is adaptable to many fuels, mine gas, flare gas, LPG and landfills. We can provide large amounts of power and heat from containerized units.



Many forms of agriculture reduce their costs and improve their profits with cogeneration using natural gas or biogas.

Financing Options

Co-Genergy has three distinct methods by which an individual, business or organization can fund the acquisition of our technology.

Capital Purchase

Lease Hire-Rental

Discount Energy Plan

The Modern, Sustainable Electrical Grid for Communities Worldwide

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