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Co-genergy Corp. offers cogeneration and trigeneration projects as turnkey solution providers throughout Canada.

Bringing new solutions to power, heat and cool virtually any building or process, we provide the latest technology and best engineering to ensure clients projects attain successful completion.

Our Mission

To achieve these goals, we only partner with the best equipment suppliers, engineers, professional trades and maintenance providers.

Reduce Energy Waste

Challenge the Conventional

Design Intelligently

Implement Efficiently

Responsible & Accountable

Save Our Clients Money

What is Cogeneration?

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) also known as Cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of heat and power from a single machine. A CHP unit has a quiet running gas (natural, bio or LPG) engine driving an electrical generator to power your home or business, while simultaneously capturing nearly all the waste heat produced from the engine and exhaust. This heat energy (classed as renewable) can be used to replace what is normally provided by a furnace or boiler. It can even provide cooling, with Tri-generation.


Two (or even three) of our Essential Energy Needs from One Unit and One Fuel

For generations, the production of electricity has remained unchanged, with more power stations being built to meet our ever-increasing demand. 

This old model wasted nearly all the heat by dumping it into our rivers, lakes and into the atmosphere. That waste comes with the generated emissions of greenhouse gases that effect our environment and now our pocketbook.


Ranging in size from a few kilowatts to very large units producing multi megawatts of heat and power, cogeneration can produce power and heat for a single home to a factory and even a town or city.




The Modern, Sustainable Electrical Grid for Communities Worldwide

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