What size CHP unit do I need?

To utilize the most energy from the input gas, we need to use the maximum heat made from cogeneration. Wasteful heat production lowers system efficiency, so ideally, we size the units based on the lowest annual heat demand. This, generally is summer hot water usage. Excess production of electricity is wasteful too. The most efficient way to run a CHP is at 100% if you can’t use all the power or sell it for a good price it reduces efficiency. Using your energy bills, Co-genergy will make a detailed study of past electricity and gas consumption and your future needs to determine the best unit choice.

How noisy are CHP units?

Units are available in sound enclosures that make them as quiet as 50dB. That’s less than a good quality dishwasher running. Normal talking is louder! Where can CHP units be installed? Indoors or outdoors, from basements to rooftops. We have even dismantled units to go through holes in floors, then rebuilt them!

How much can a CHP unit save me?

A well-designed system and correctly sized unit, can pay for itself in energy savings in as little as two years. Far better than alternative technology. Why make the investment in CHP? Control your energy costs, add value to your building, get tax advantages, helps save the environment and save yourself money!

Are CHPs just for new buildings?

The integration of CHP in a new building design is simple and will cut the cost of operating that building. CHP qualifies for LEED points (on site renewable energy) which can represent as much as 17% towards accreditation. The benefits for existing buildings are far greater. An older, less efficient building with aging mechanical systems can be easily upgraded with CHP. Self-generation in a building can drastically reduce the need for expensive electrical supply upgrades from the utility. Often this cost saving alone will pay a significant proportion of the CHP installation. Remember on average 40% of all a building energy consumption is for heat and cooling.

What next?

To determine if CHP is right for your home or business, contact us and together we will analyze what you spend on energy and how efficiently you use it. Co-genergy will help you reduce your current spending, by reducing waste and will only recommend cogeneration if it’s the right choice for you!

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