Co-Genergy provides potential customers with three options to fund their use of our products.

Capital Purchase

Certain organizations may benefit from the option of a fixed cost purchase package. In addition, customers can choose our service contract package and we will service and maintain the system throughout its life.

Businesses can further benefit by enacting the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (ACCA) Class 43.2 (50 percent declining balance basis). This scheme enables businesses to claim 50% first year capital allowances on investments in energy saving technologies and products, such as CHP. The ACCA allows a business the ability to write off the whole cost of their investment against taxable profits from the period the investment was made. Also, some associated installation costs (engineering and design work) may be deducted in full in the year incurred.

Lease Hire for Rental

Residential and light commercial clients with fluctuating electrical and heat requirements can enjoy the benefit of cogeneration without upfront equipment costs. With a fixed term contract, Co-Genergy will install, service and maintain a CHP unit at your home or business. You are free to purchase the unit outright or trade up after the contract period.

Discount Energy Plan

If capital funding is not available, Co-Genergy can offer a DEP scheme where we install, operate and finance the Cogeneration installation, at no cost to you and simply contract the energy produced by the CHP back to you at a discounted rate. This Scheme provides clients with the following benefits to achieve these goals, we only partner with the best equipment suppliers, engineers, professional trades and maintenance providers.

Implement Efficiently

Guaranteed discount energy costs for the duration of the agreement

No capital outlay / risk

No continual maintenance / service costs

The Modern, Sustainable Electrical Grid for Communities Worldwide

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