Co-Genergy provides efficient energy solutions across a wide variety of industries and applications

Why keep building new power stations when we can provide it locally? Deliver what we need, where we need it, at efficiencies more than twice that of centralised power stations. We can, with distributed CHP generation by bringing “power to the people”.



Wherever there is a need for electricity, heating/cooling or hot water, cogeneration can be of benefit. Even as we try to become more efficient in its use, our dependence upon energy grows.

Whether you own or rent your home, a significant part of your monthly expenditure will be the cost of energy. Look at your monthly bill; how much of that cost is electrical power?

Even with very low kilowatt/hr prices, you pay far more in delivery, transmission, rate riders and administration. Cogeneration eliminates nearly all those extra costs, beating the price of traditional grid suppliers every time!


Commercial/ Leisure/ Municipal

In business, a dollar saved on costs is equal to five dollars extra in sales. Save money on your costs and increase your profits; extra sales become a bonus rather than a necessity.

Replacing older less efficient boilers, furnaces and roof top units with cogeneration, added thermal storage and modern control systems can drastically reduce heating costs while benefiting from on-site power production.

A smaller CHP unit operating 24/7 in a hotel for example, can provide much of the daily heat and hot water needed. Larger units can power and heat swimming pools and spas, malls, office buildings, etc.


Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical

Decentralized heat generation with highly efficient CHP plants offers great potential for energy savings. When a high demand for heating and cooling arises in a process, such as in the food industry, the overall efficiency level can be raised by cogeneration (CHP) in combination with absorption chillers thus exploiting additional energy-saving potential.



Hospitals demand 24-hour availability of heat, for interior temperatures as well as hot water laundry. Therefore, cogeneration technology has become a widely-used technology in the healthcare sector. Many larger hospitals capitalize on the generation of extra heat to provide cooling in the summer through the application of absorption technology.

Of course, this is in addition to the  electrical generation capabilities of CHP units, by providing health care facilities with dependable backup in times of grid blackout.


Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Transport

Cogeneration is adaptable to many fuels, mine gas, flare gas, LPG and landfill gas. In the oil & gas sector, we can provide large amounts of power and heat from containerized units that can be transported to a site and then relocated when needed. Imagine a power and heat solution available in weeks, not years and scalable to multi-MW capacities!



Many forms of agriculture reduce their costs and improve their profits with cogeneration using natural gas or biogas. Biogas produced by anaerobic digestion (AD) from animal and organic waste is a 100% renewable fuel producing heat, power and fertilizer.

The emerging medical marijuana industry is a particular growth market for cogeneration technology. The absorption cooling and gas heat pump technology can be applied into grow-op greenhouses to greatly reduce the input costs associated with the production of plants.

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