Our main partners in developing and distributing co-generation technology are at the leading edge in the field, each with decades of experience.


Tedom, from the Czech Republic, are pioneers in the manufacture of cogeneration equipment and have over the last 26 years grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers.

Through innovation and constant development the Tedom cogeneration range has been crafted into a product of exceptional quality and reliability. With over 7000 units installed in over 40 countries, their experience and knowledge is unsurpassed.

Tedom has a range of products so well proven that it ranks as one of the best global cogeneration suppliers.

CO2 cleaning technology from the leading European manufacturer Steuler, enables the use of waste exhaust gas from a CHP unit to be utilized in greenhouses as an agricultural fertilizer for plants. This process can increase yields by up to a third and drastically reducing CO2 emissions. 


At Co-Genergy we are proud to represent YANMAR CHP in Canada. Based on YANMAR’s 30-plus year history of design and manufacturing experience in Energy Systems equipment and over 300,000 installations worldwide, we have the utmost confidence in YANMAR’s CHP equipment, technical training and support to recommend it to our customers.

YANMAR’s micro CHP provides smaller property owners with all the benefits of cogeneration and significant savings. A 5kw or 10kw CHP can reliably power and heat a home or farm and integrating solar PV and energy storage into the system will allow users to go “off-grid” saving them many thousands of dollars on expensive utility hook ups.

YANMAR gas heat pump technology provides heating and cooling, saving thousands of dollars in power use for air conditioning.

On-site Generation

Electricity is generated close to the point of use, helping to avoid transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travels over power lines. YANMAR CHP with Blackout Start (BOS) capability can provide electricity even when the grid has failed due to storms or other factors.

Waste Heat Recovery

Thermal energy from space heating, domestic hot water heating, pool/spa heating and dehumidification or process applications goes unused in centralized power plants as waste, but in YANMAR CHP applications, it is used to offset boiler or other heating device usage.

Simple Integration

YANMAR CHP can be easily integrated into various electrical and thermal systems in small commercial or residential applications, including new construction and retrofitting into existing buildings.

Broad USA is headquartered in New Jersey and delivers its innovative and environmentally-friendly absorption design technology to its clients to optimize energy efficiency in the Commercial, Civil and Industrial markets.

Co-Genergy uses Broad’s absorption cooling technology to make chilled water from our CHP installs. Broad Absorbers whether they are simple single stage or ultra high efficiency multi-energy two stage chillers all are designed to the same Stringent Vacuum Standard. They typically provide higher quality materials such as “oxygen free copper”, CuNi and thicker walls to insure the chiller meets it 25 year life design cycle without unplanned and costly re-tubing common in other older absorption designs.

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